Partridge Park

Summer Classic 2016

August 6th and 7th

Register Your Team

To prevent no-shows and help support Partridge Park this year and in the future, we require a $10 registration fee, payable through PayPal.

Please pay the fee after sending your team registration.  We’ll direct you to a page where you can make the payment easily.  Thank you!

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    Teams are allowed to have 4-7 players.

Tournament Rules

New this year: 6 inning games, extra innings following if game is tied after 6 innings of play

House Rules

  • Teams of 4-7 players
  • Tournament play is 4v4.
  • Teams are permitted to use a designated hitter as their 5th batter or as a hitter for one player in the field if they so choose, but only 4 play in the field.
  • “Off the tree” is in play. This means the tree is part of the field of play. If a ball hits a tree and is caught, the batter is still out. If a ball hits the tree and lands foul, it is a foul ball, even though it hit the tree in fair territory.
  • At all times, the “Pitcher’s Hand” rule is in effect. This means the pitcher = your force out at 1st base. On a ground ball, throw the ball to the pitcher for an out at 1st base.
  • Innings consist of 2 outs, NOT 3.
  • All games will be called by Partridge Park umpires, the most highly trained professionals in the world. Their call is final, please do not voice any displeasure with the umpires, and remember it is wiffle ball, not the MLB!
  • Women may use the “fat bats”, while men will use a skinnier orange, black, or yellow bat, provided by Partridge Park. In the event that a player has a preferred bat they would like to use, it must be inspected and approved by the Partridge Park Board of Directors.
  • A ball that is batted into “The Grave” will result as a ground rule double. “The Grave” is fenced off, but occasionally balls do find their way in there.
  • All Home Runs will be called by the umpires at Partridge Park, but with the layout of the field, home runs are pretty self-explanatory.
  • “Peg-outs” are permitted and encouraged as a way to throw out base runners. ( A “peg-out” consists of throwing the wiffle ball at a base runner and hitting him while he is between bases.)
  • Lead-offs are not permitted in tournament play. Also, base runners may not leave the base until a ball is put in play. There are no catchers in wiffle ball, so runners must stay put until the ball is batted in play.
  • If a ball hits off of the telephone pole located in foul territory down the left field line, that ball is automatically ruled dead, and called a foul ball, it does not matter where it bounces or lands and catching a ball off of the telephone pole does NOT result in an out.
  • If a ball is stuck in the tree, it is a dead ball and ruled a foul ball. It is the umpire’s decision on whether a ball is stuck for long enough to be ruled a foul ball.
  • If a ball that is batted in play becomes unplayable, a player is allowed to throw his hands up signaling to the umpires that the ball is unable to be retrieved. The batter is then awarded a ground rule double.
  • Partridge Park is not responsible for any injury that may occur while playing wiffle ball. All first time players at Partridge Park will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that each individual plays at their own risk. Returning players will also be required to sign the waiver because there have been changes in insurance and liabilities since the last Summer Classic.

Pitching Rules:

  • Due to the distance from the mound to home plate, you must pitch the ball at a reasonable speed. The reasonable speed is determined by the umpires and league officials present at each game.
  • If a pitcher exceeds the speed limit, he will simply be given a velocity warning and that pitch is not counted, unless the batter swings and hits it in play. If a batter hits a ball in play, the ball is live, even if the umpire felt the pitcher exceeded the velocity limit. However, the pitcher still may be given a velocity warning on a pitch that is batted into play.
  • A second offense of the speed limit results in an automatic ball, the third offense results in the pitcher being removed from the game for the rest of the game.
  • All velocity warnings will be given by Partridge Park umpires.
  • Any type of breaking ball or knuckleball is allowed and strongly encouraged. The Euro slider is permitted at Partridge Park.
  • Pitchers may be subbed out at any time for a position player or bench player.
  • There is no limit as to how many pitchers may pitch in one game.
  • There is no limit on pitch count or how many consecutive games a pitcher may pitch.
  • Re-entry into a game may take place; but only once per game per player. For example, if a pitcher is removed from the game he may re-enter as a position player or pitcher, but once re-entered, if removed from the line up a second time, that player is done for the game.
  • 3 strikes = strike out, 10 balls = walk
  • A hit batter is not awarded first base, that pitch is simply counted as a ball.

The Bottom Line is wiffle ball at Partridge Park is meant to be a blast, all we ask is that everyone has fun and uses good judgment!

Bracket & Schedule


10:10: Hus Short Bus vs. PokeSluggers
11:00: P2 vs. The Abusement Park
11:50: Lancers vs. 99 Problems a Pitch Ain’t 1
12:40: Rambones vs. Free A Gents
1:30: Trump Nation vs. Neighborhood Kidz
2:20: Chicken & Wiffles vs. Trump Nation / Neighborhood Kidz
3:10: Country Strong vs. Social Insecurity
4:00: Garber Dukes vs. Bomb Squad 3.0
4:50: Truck Yeah vs. Sons of Pitches
5:40: Migatron vs. Hus Short Bus/ PokeSluggers
6:30: L’Esperto vs. Lancers/99Problems Pitch Ain’t one
7:20: Dinger Dawgs vs. Rambones / Free A Gents
8:10: Homers-R-Us vs. Truck Yeah/Sons of Pitches
9:00: Get a Wif of this vs. Garber Dukes/Bomb Squad 3.0


10:00: Game 15: Migatron/Hus Short Bus/ PokeSluggers vs. P2/Abusement Park
10:50: Game 16: L’esperto /Lancers/99 Problems vs.Rambones/Dinger Dawgs/ Free A Gents
11:40: Game 17: Trump Nation/ Neighborhood Kidz/ Chicken & Wiffles vs. Country Strong / Social Insecurity
12:30: Game 18: Garber Dukes / Bomb Squad 3.0 vs. Homers-R-Us/ Truck Yeah/ Sons of Pitches
1:20: Semi Final 1
2:10: Semi Final 2